MP3: Astronauts, etc. – Charity

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It’s a new year and time to get things started here at Sirens of Decay for 2013. First up, we have a new demo from Astronauts, etc.

Anthony Ferraro sent over this track earlier today. I was pretty surprised to see some new music from Astronauts, etc. so soon after Supermelodic Pulp, but I won’t complain. It is only a new demo, but as unabashed fans of his previous work, we’ll take what we can get from Anthony here at Sirens. In his e-mail he described this new demo “Charity” as darker than his old stuff and that his previous listeners probably wouldn’t like it.

It is definitely darker, that’s no lie. “Charity” pulses, pumps, and has this hypnotic undercurrent that evokes images of dark thoughts and darker deeds. It enters through your ears and spirals into the far recesses of your mind. It’s not often I hear a new track and it immediately reminds me of other things I’ve done/seen/read/heard, but this track does just that.The vocals seem to be a little more prominent in the mix in this new piece as well, which could just be my own imagination, but they bounce out of my headphones like an omnipresent narrator (in a good way).

“Charity” may just be a demo, but it’s a pretty nice track. Maybe you will struggle with it if you loved the ethereal sounds of “Mystery Colors” and “You Can Yell”, but I feel you’ll probably find your way to liking this new sound.

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