Song of the Week (MP3): Appalachians – Playing Pretend

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rollingcHave you ever been incredibly excited, then completely deflated by the same thing? You know, when it doesn’t turn out like you hope, or it’s not what you thought it was? That’s what happened to me with Appalachians. Being, you know, from the actual Appalachian Mountains I naively assumed that this was a new indie band from our region. I can’t even begin to describe how excited this made me (or even why). Guess what though? Wrong. Appalachians is from Sacramento, CA.

Wait, what?!

So, Mr. Appalachians, this wayward blogger was completely deflated by your misleading name. Determined not to be a spoil sport, I listened to your music anyway…

Turns out I dig you guys in spite of your lies misleading name! “Playing Pretend” is one of my favorites of this young year of 2013. Indeed, if Sirens had a song of the week or similar column, this would be it. It sounds so light and airy, with a naive, joyful melody that I can’t get enough of. Appalachians did some stellar work here, capturing the innocence of the spring in a single track.

You can find Appalachians on Facebook as well as download your free copy of their stellar eight track release The Rolling C’s on the Appalachians bandcamp.

DID A 180 WHEN…I realized that even though they had a strange name for a California band, they wrote some catchy tunes.

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