MP3: Moonlight Bride – Lemonade

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I used to live in Knoxville, TN before work forced my wife and I to relocate to our current residence outside of Richmond. Knoxville has some good music coming out of it, namely Sirens favorite The Black Cadillacs, and the same can be said of Nashville…of course.

What about Chattanooga though? Well, Chattanooga based Moonlight Bride are an exciting rock outfit with a new EP called Twin Lakes due out on February 28th. They also have graciously sent over this awesome pop rock ballad “Lemonade” for your consumption.

It’s jangly rhythm and college days lyricism might remind you of a good time, or a bad one; the beautiful combination of sounds with Justin Giles’ vocals creates for intense listening pleasure. This is a track that demands the open road or a set of high quality headphones on a cold day – let it envelop you.

Sirens will have more on Moonlight Bride as we get closer to the release of Twin Peaks. Until then, hit up the guys on their social webspaces and download ”Lemonade” below.

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MP3: Moonlight Bride – Lemonade

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