MP3: Mittenfields – My Mind Is An Avalanche

0 Posted by - 07/31/2011 - One Timer

Mittenfields recently released their debut EP, The Fresh Sum, and my initial impression is…well, enthusiastic to say the least. ”My Mind Is An Avalanche” fills a void I’ve been nursing for a bit. The instrumentation is layer upon layer of clattering guitars woven together in a fashion that must be intense to behold live. A sure sign of a great track for me is an instantly recognizable bass line, and here it’s providing the groove for the whole jam. The vocals are sure to get the crowd going as they ratchet up to a fist-pump inducing frenzy in the chorus.

Everything appears to be running on all cylinders, straight ear bursting rock. Mittenfields will be playing an album release show in DC on August 8th @ Black Cat. Get your tickets here.

Mittenfields – My Mind Is An Avalanche

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