MP3: The Minor Leagues – Ghost Maps

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The Minor Leagues track “Ghost Maps” plays like a small slice of my childhood.

Hold tight for easy days, where did they go?

The bassline rolls throughout this track, an unheralded champion, while the keys take over and provide an amazing one two punch that is as much about the atmosphere the seven piece from Cincinnati has created as it is about the poignant and close-to-home lyricism.

Dust off the ghost maps so we can figure out where this town went off the rails

I grew up in small town USA. Our population was just over 4,000. We only had one high school, there weren’t a lot of jobs. It was a simple life, but when I was in it the life seemed like it had been drained out of me. “Ghost Maps” hits that nail on the head. Despair, uncertainty…what turned your town into a ghost town?

North College Hill, which “Ghost Maps” is taken from, was just released and is available by the group’s bandcamp link below for a mere $5.

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MP3: The Minor Leagues – Ghost Maps

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