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Allow us to introduce you to Los Angeles based LA Font. These guys are a rock outfit who produce some killer sounds laced with hooks like daggers, and they are currently making a name for themselves in their hometown and in the wider world through the sonic wonders of their debut LP The American Leagues and their latest 7” release, Sharks.

I was able to get up with frontman Danny Bobbe and ask him a couple of questions, so without further a-do here is LA Font, in their own words…


Sirens: Give us the quick synopsis of LA Font and how you came to be.

LA Font: I moved to LA and found the cities’ most talented/available musicians via Craigslist.

Sirens: For those who haven’t heard you, who (or what) would you compare your music to?

LA Font: Any rock that doesn’t rely on gimmick. That said I love glam.

Sirens: Your songs, even your name, are very clever and tongue in cheek. This is nothing new to the indie rock scene, but your words have a bit more bite than others. Are these inspired by your life or by things you hear and read about?

LA Font: Thanks. I spew at the city. It spews back. Some spew makes it to verse.

Sirens: Your track “The American Leagues” discusses hockey as well as America’s past-time – not exactly regular indie topics. Are you guys avid fans of both?

LA Font: People use sports to help describe life. Its effective for those who’ve been around sports their whole lives, like myself. 4th and long means it’s your last chance and you need to come up big. A grand slam means you went above and beyond. I found some more obscure metaphors in American Leagues.

Sirens: Now that you are fresh off a debut album and another single release, are there any tour plans in the works? What about future releases?

LA Font: We’ll tour soon! We’re playing innumerable shows in the next couple months in Los Angeles. Currently plotting our second LP.


There you have it. LA Font are indeed playing a bunch of shows in LA, which you can read about on their Facebook page. You can also follow the band on Twitter. Last but not least, you can pick up a copy of The American Leagues and the Sharks 7” via the LA Font bandcamp. Name your own price, even.

I want to thank LA Font for taking the time to speak with us, and leave you with a couple of tracks to remember them by.

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