MP3: Last American Buffalo – Baby I’m Alive

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Where “So Cruel” was smokey and filled with bluesy guitar rock, “Baby I’m Alive” is a step back in both regards. The instrumentation is sparse, arranged more for elegance than extravagance and the vocals are no longer self assured; here they are haunted and hollow, echoing lonesomely over the gentle strums and horns.

Last American Buffalo have truly impressed me with this track, their third single released this month(!), which is so diametrically opposed to the previous track “So Cruel” that it’s hard to believe it’s the same artist.

All three tracks released this month have been excellent, and I look forward to more. You can get/read what we wrote about So Cruel & Yucca Baccata via those links.

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MP3: Last American Buffalo – Baby I’m Alive

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