Video: Jonny Pierce (of The Drums) – I Didn’t Realise

0 Posted by - 11/28/2012 - One Timer

This just popped up in my inbox and piqued my interest so I thought I’d share. Jonny Pierce, whom most of you may know from The Drums, is releasing his own solo album sometime next year.

The first single and video were passed out today, and “I Didn’t Realise” is 3/4’s the familiar The Drums sound, and a new 1/4th concoction of interesting new synths and some kind of heavy bass rhythm that I am not qualified to speak on the intricacies of. “I Didn’t Realise” and the upcoming album is supposed to find Pierce being more self indulgent to his own whims and soul-baring. As he says, “This is pop done the way I think it should be done.”

[youtube height=”400″ width=”520″][/youtube] …

Like it, love it, hate it? Why?

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