Video: James Supercave – Old Robot

2 Posted by - 03/06/2014 - Noteworthy

Former song of the week deliveree James Supercave have released a charming video for “Old Robot”, a track off of the upcoming The Afternoon. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love this track even more. This could be one of the residual effects of being captivated by the Supercave’s grumpy little answering machine/cassette tape, but I doubt it. These Echo Park artists just have “it”, and “it” is etching into everything they touch.

“Old Robot” feels like a lullaby to the modern era of phone tag romancing. You know, those one way deals that never get a callback? That’s the stuff. The cute, peculiar comedy of the video and a spattering of lyrics is paired with the deeper reflection of our narrator, who notes that “It never made much sense for you to be in love with me too”.

The Afternoon is dropping on March 25th. Save the date. It’ll be the best thing going.

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