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It’s been ridiculously warm here in Virginia this winter. I think we’ve had three days of temperatures below freezing, as well as no snow here in the Richmond area. This is unheard of weather. I’m used to November/December/January being below freezing, and at least a month of 15 degree and below temperatures. Not so this year.

It’s 63 degrees today (73 yesterday!), so I thought I’d post Heavy Hawaii’s “Super Bowl XXIX” that I nabbed off of Prefix Magazine’s premiere. It seems to fit this strange weather atmosphere perfectly; it’s unseasonably warm, but there’s always that foreboding sense of a big cold snap waiting.

That’s how “Super Bowl XXIX” sounds – it is almost horror film music. The keys have that kind of terror filled ring to them, while the tropical sounds that pervade the rest of the track emote beaches and sunshine. It’s a strange juxtaposition, but Heavy Hawaii have undeniably made an awesome track.

You can download the track via the Soundcloud player and grab your copy of the Super Bowl XXIX 7” via Art Fag Recordings.

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