Grrrl Friend – I Explode

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Grrrl Friend’s “I Explode” hit me right in my damn throat and I’m still coughing. Rambling and reckless, with deep, dark vocals interspersed with the searing chorus (if a minute and a half long song can have a chorus), I’ve been digging this track, hell this whole album, all morning. I found Grrrl Friend via Listen Before You Buy’s post today – I owe those dudes some money for finding this band.

Don’t let this track fool you. These dudes are a punk band, but their range far exceeds most any punk band I’ve encountered. There are some very interesting tracks to be found…I’m gonna give Happening Now a few more listens (I think I’m on number four at the moment) and maybe I’ll have some more music from Portland tonight or tomorrow.

If you can’t wait, you can pick up your own copy of Happening Now via the bandcamp link below. If you love your Grrrl Friend, feel free to like them on Facebook.

Grrrl Friend – I Explode

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