Video: Grrrl Friend – Dirtgasm

0 Posted by - 08/28/2011 - One Timer

Grrrl Friend- Dirtgasm (Official Video) from Henry Wise on Vimeo.

After posting a track of theirs yesterday (aka before Hurricane Irene hit the kill-switch on our power), Grrrl Friend contacted us with a link to their first music video which is apparently hot off the editor. The video is for the lovingly titled “Dirtgasm”, which is what my one year old son has when he’s allowed to roam free and do his mean ass army crawl across hostile terrain (also known as anything that isn’t clean).

It’s either that or a pretty killer Grrrl Friend’s track that features guitars that sound like a hurricane and a faint hint of the grunge. After watching I thought, hey, I’ll pass this vid on to this bunch of red eyed music fiends. Beyond the vid for “Dirtgasm”, each and every one of you needs to go check out Happening Now and hear for yourself the awesome sonic power of Grrrl Friend. It’s name your own price, so you’re only in for what you put in.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the video – I’m heading back out on my porch to see if I can get this damn hurricane off my lawn.

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