Face Off: Round XV (Poliça’s “Chain My Name” VS Work Drugs’ “West Coast Slide (Gazzo Remix)”)

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Face Off features two tracks, both unknown and unheard by myself. Did I mention these tracks are selected specifically because they encompass genres that I am ignorant of, or generally avoid? Well, there’s that too. Oh, and they are from the Hype Machine charts, so apparently they are fairly popular to someone.

Face Off is meant to be a fun interlude in the seriousness of music blogging…if blogging can be called serious, which it cannot. I tackle songs I would never give a second thought, or delve into genres where I’d be better off sticking my own foot in my mouth than try to talk intelligently about them. Read and listen responsibly. Enjoy!


Poliça – “Chain My Name” – Shulamith – (#23 NO RMX)

A little zany, certainly, but that’s hardly a detriment. That’s my plug for “Chain My Name” by Minneapolis based Poliça, whom I am just now having my first encounter with. They sound like a prime candidate for a Hat Trick write-up, but for now let’s stick with what’s current, shall we?

With no background information to go on, I’m left to focus on this relentlessly wonky bass that just hits and hits in “Chain My Name”. That sounds like I’m complaining, but really, I freakin’ love it! The xylophone style keys are a neat counter to the thick bassline, which is where me considering this track zany comes from. I’d give this track a solid A on just about every count – you can dance to it, sing to it, or even get into an argument with it. Two out of three of those are true…and the other, well, ain’t nobody got time for that.

This one is sweet, but that “Tiff” track…mmmm.


Work Drugs – “West Coast Slide (Gazzo Remix)” – (#3 RMX)

This one is a bit unfair because I got it in my inbox a week ago and have already heard it a few times. There’s also my familiarity and love for the original “West Coast Slide” (also conveniently a part of Face Off) which kind of defeats the purpose of unfamiliarity for this particular feature…nevertheless, we soldier on because no one gives a damn about rules anyway, right?

Hyper dance-y and basically hype in general, Gazzo’s remix of the track is pretty solid. “West Coast Slide” lends itself to a more primal, bombastic approach and he pulled that out something fierce.


This one’s easy. I love “West Coast Slide” and it’s a great remix, but you can’t beat “Chain My Name” with a remix…unless maybe it’s a remix of “Chain My Name”. We’ll see.

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