Face Off: Round X (Action Bronson’s “Heel Toe (prod. by Harry Fraud)” VS The Chainsmokers’ “Talk Is Cheap (Marquee Sunrise Edit)”)

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Face Off features two tracks, both unknown and unheard by myself. Did I mention these tracks are selected specifically because they encompass genres that I am ignorant of, or generally avoid? Well, there’s that too. Oh, and they are from the Hype Machine charts, so apparently they are fairly popular.

Face Off is meant to be a fun interlude in the seriousness of music blogging…if blogging can be called serious, which it cannot. I tackle songs I would never give a second thought, or delve into genres where I’d be better off sticking my own foot in my mouth than try to talk intelligently about them.  Read and listen responsibly. Enjoy!


Action Bronson – “Heel Toe” (prod. by Harry Fraud) – #10 on no remix charts


First hip-hop track I can recall throwing up in Face Off…definitely not the hip-hop track I would’ve expected to, either.

I gotta admit, I’m kind of shocked. I do this blogging thing, or have done it, for several years now. I’ve seen the name Action Bronson around from time to time, but never really knew anything about him. I vaguely knew he was a rapper, but couldn’t have placed him in a lineup. The last thing I expected was a big bearded dude who looked like he could be riding the tractor of one of my neighbors in Tennessee. I’m amazed. I feel bad for missing out on this dude.

The production from Harry Fraud on “Heel  Toe” is pretty damn exquisite; to be frank,I love it. It sounds like neon nights and 80’s action flicks. Combine that with Action Bronson’s throaty raps about everything from Shaquille O’Neal’s cash and pink champagne to Cam Newton and whatever the hell else, the track has a great feel if that makes any sense. It feels older, more classic than most of the hip-hop that comes ’round this way.

While I’ve been listening to Yeezus and I’ll surely give Jay Z’s new marketing  album a spin, I definitely will not forget about “Heel Toe”. I’m glad I found it.


The Chainsmokers – “Talk Is Cheap” (Marquee Sunrise Edit) – #14 on remix charts


First, a few clarifications. I don’t know what any of this is, or is about. It’s The Chainsmokers though, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t rekindle childhood memories with a DMX sighting. Seriously, were you expecting DMX to pop up in the middle of this track?

This one has to go to Action Bronson and Harry Fraud.

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