Face Off: Round VIII (Speak’s “Peaks” VS Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool (RAC Mix)”)

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Face Off features two top ten tracks from the Hype Machine charts – both unknown and unheard by myself. Did I mention these tracks are selected specifically because they encompass genres that I am ignorant of, or generally avoid? Well, there’s that too.

Face Off is meant to be a fun interlude in the seriousness of music blogging…if blogging can be called serious, which it cannot. I tackle songs I would never give a second thought, or delve into genres where I’d be better off sticking my own foot in my mouth than try to talk intelligently about them.  Read and listen responsibly. Enjoy!


Speak – “Peaks” – #2 no remix charts


This song presents a surprising issue for me. I like it, but every time I hear it I think of Coldplay’s Chris Martin. I must be the only person writing about this new track from Speak who does so, though, as I’ve not seen much mention about it. Maybe I’m just crazy, I don’t know.

If you put that out of your mind, or don’t make the comparison, this is a pretty great track. It comes across as very emotion-filled, with some neat sounds and of course the vocalist which has that aforementioned honey dipped voice. “Peaks” ability to lift a mood is pretty awe-inspiring; it’s very hard to keep from smiling while listening.


Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (RAC Mix)” – original from Bankrupt! (purchase here) – #2 remix only charts


Phoenix and their track “Entertainment” got the endless remix treatment. It seemed like every time you turned around there was a brand new version of the track floating out there. I suppose when RAC got his hands on “Trying To Be Cool” he was salivating at all the fun things he could do with it.

This is one of those mixes where the original pales in comparison to the re-imagined version. What’s most interesting is the fact that I really dig the original; certainly you would by no means call it a slouch. It’s a very enjoyable track. RAC takes it and makes it so lush and vibrant that I wanna shed my too-close-to-30 mannerisms and try to be cool again too.

This re-working is everything that I, as someone who typically shied away from remixes, wants to hear out of these tracks. Taking the track in a new, fun direction (or alternatively, darker) or even emphasizing a certain aspect of the track to an almost comical degree…those are the things that make remixes stand out for me. RAC’s remix is aces. Grab the free download.

Two sweet tracks, but RAC and Phoenix win this round.

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