Face Off: Round VII (Crystal Fighters’ “You And I” VS Work Drugs’ “West Coast Slide”)

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Face Off features two top ten tracks from the Hype Machine charts – both unknown and unheard by myself. Did I mention these tracks are selected specifically because they encompass genres that I am ignorant of, or generally avoid? Well, there’s that too.

Face Off is meant to be a fun interlude in the seriousness of music blogging…if blogging can be called serious, which it cannot. I tackle songs I would never give a second thought, or delve into genres where I’d be better off sticking my own foot in my mouth than try to talk intelligently about them.  Read and listen responsibly. Enjoy!

(Yes, I did change the name from Double Take. Gotta keep that hockey them going!)


Crystal Fighters – “You And I” – taken from Cave Rave due out May 27th (pre-order here). #1 on Hype Machine no remix charts.


This feature has probably blown my mind more than any other thing I’ve ever done on this website. I can’t say that I’ve found music that completely changed my opinion on things, but there have been a few tracks that have really made me do a “WTF” and ponder how I had never heard of the artist or their work.

“You And I” by Crystal Fighters is one of the best tracks I’ve heard all year. It’s been circling the other music blogs for a day or so now, but I get the feeling that everyone else already knew about this band. I didn’t. I’ve never even heard of them. There are a lot of bands with Crystal in the name. Crystal Castles, Crystal Stilts, and The Crystal Method come to mind off the top of my head. Maybe I figured the quota of good music allotted to “crystal” named bands had already been claimed?

Crystal Fighters have crafted this strangely tropical, altogether fetching single that deserves far more than half of one feature. It’s positively exquisite. I really dig this dude’s voice, as well.

Excellent job, Hype Machine users. This deserves #1 status. You can also watch the video for “You And I” below.



Work Drugs – “West Coast Slide” taken from Mavericks (due this summer) – #8 on the no remix charts


Breaking my own guidelines here to keep the sunshine flowing. It was this or yet another Ta-Ku or Kulkid remix, and while those dudes are undeniably awesome, I’ve certainly gave them enough play over the past few weeks on Sirens. It’s time for another something new, and ultimately I decided to go with another original song. Don’t fret. It’s awesome.

“West Coast Slide” is pure pop gold, like honey on an IV drip through your headphones and speakers. You can dance, or you can chill, either way you’ll probably dig this new Work Drugs track. I am vaguely familiar with Work Drugs…I may have even written about them once before the swap to WordPress from Tumblr, but we’ll consider this my first real taste.

They are dropping an album called Maverick (Top Gun reference!) sometime this summer and “West Coast Slide” is gonna be a part of that. I don’t have a link for purchase or pre-order unfortunately. You can download this one for free via the player, though.

Another great job Hype listeners. These are two of the best three or four original tracks I’ve reviewed in this segment. Hell of a good week for music, it seems.

Unfortunately, though “West Coast Slide” is amazing, I’ve got to give this battle to “You And I”. No worries though. Whoever you choose, you win.


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