EP Review: Technicolor Hearts – Corpus Christi EP

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Austin duo Technicolor Hearts have an eclectic sound; instrumentation ranging from synths and drums machines to violins and Naomi Cherie’s haunting melodies soar in and out of the landscape of the Corpus Christi EP, a three song journey through a desert landscape with the bright lights of the city on the horizon.

“Pocahaunted” immediately reminds me of the Wild West (and Deadwood, to be precise); the intro is very rhythmic and tribal as the track builds into the beat. The combination of the keys and guitar in this track are an unbelievable one-two punch; as you listen it’s like one begat the other, from the chorus to the breakdowns…this track just seems to have a shroud over it that you can peel back and find more and more to love with each subsequent listen. “Corpus Christi” is the ambient piece of this three track EP – it’s like crawling into bed and pulling the covers up over your head, only to find yourself within a dream. Here you can truly see the duo’s synergy and it is nothing short of impressive.

“Pretty” is Technicolor Hearts’ slow burner; Salazar’s guitar work smolders in the background and it’s evident quite early that this track will become stuck in your head. The entire vocal melody is pretty much instantly repeatable, which makes the song even more effective – the rhythm induces this head nodding reaction that you might not expect, but definitely will appreciate.

The Corpus Christi EP, at it’s core, is Technicolor Hearts proving that an unorthodox approach is not only viable – if done right it is nothing short of exceptional. There is no full band, it’s simply two musicians who seem to have an excellent sense of each other’s abilities. I’ve listened to the three tracks roughly twenty times through and I honestly can’t tell you which member paints the backdrop for these beautiful tracks. The combination is pretty great, and I’m definitely excited to hear more.

Be sure to head to Technicolor Hearts’ bandcamp below to pick up a copy of the EP, and grab “Pretty” below.

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MP3: Technicolor Hearts – Pretty

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