Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner

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Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner

Dirty Beaches is about to have a new 7” out, Lone Runner, that will be released via Suicide Squeeze Records. The only version of the track I have been able to dig up was from a Daytrotter session late last year. I am assuming the recording track will be a bit different. The b-side to Lone Runner will be ”Stye Eye”, which was previously heard on the Generic Shit Split Tape.

If you’ve not heard Dirty Beaches, I will qualify this post by saying this is not for everyone. As for me though, I happen to love the darkness, the haunting vocals and the way it makes me feel like I’m walking through a western.

Also, does anyone else think the album art from Daytrotter looks more like Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) from Lost than Alex? Yessir.

You can pre-order the Lone Runner 7” via Suicide Squeeze Records – they ship out on October 4th. 

Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner (Daytrotter Sessions)

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