Album Review: The Dead Ships – Amaze/Friends 7″

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Sonic_Condor_v7Some of you may remember one of our favorite new bands, The Dead Ships, and their self-titled EP we talked about recently. For those of you who do not there is no shame in jumping on this bandwagon now. It’s just started rolling and if the band’s new 7” release is any indication, well…you’ll see (or hear!). I’ve had to sit on these tracks for about a month since I first heard them – it was hard, but they are well worth the wait.

“Amaze” is the definition of passion – recklessness captured and bottled in under three minutes, guitars crunching and blaring like sirens over the manic beat. It loads up quick as a gun, diving headfirst into Devlin McCluskey’s yearning vocals and not letting go. You’ll find guitars squealing like a maniac pulling out after robbing a liquor store…performed live I imagine it incites a crowd to start dancing and jumping like fools to the chaotic sounds of The Dead Ships.

The second track, “Friends By Default”, is a little more somber and subtle. It possesses a sing-a-long quality with every word being repeatable by the second listen. The vocals are a throwback and the intermittent guitars remind me of the piano contained in any standard rock ballad.

The streets are cold and lifeless, the sewers are all backed up, and everyone’s out fucking somebody elses’ first love. I guess this is me at my most bitter.

The words are poignant and truthful – you’re not gonna find well crafted lyrics like these in just any old rock anthem and this is what sets The Dead Ships apart from the rest.

Yeah, we love “Amaze” and it’s personally my favorite kind of track – raw and unfiltered – but most bands can’t make a living on only that type of track. They make a name for themselves when they can competently craft anthems a-la “Friends By Default”…when a band succeeds at both they are really something to perk your ears up for.

Both of these songs were recorded live in two takes and the sound is unrestrained – there is no pomp, no attempt to dress anything up – The Dead Ships are true garage rock; two men beating your brains in with serious rock riffs and a striking ability to craft and deliver an unbelievably catchy chorus that you don’t often find in this style of music.

The Dead Ships also have a self titled release out on bandcamp for free. I highly recommend picking it up – you can read what we wrote about that release right here. You can also find The Dead Ships on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. The Amaze/Friends 7” will be released on vinyl on September 30th.

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