Darlingside – Still

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For those of you who read regularly, you’ve already been introduced to Darlingside – they are a string rock outfit from Northampton, MA. I hope if you haven’t met them yet, you will take the time.

Darlingside is putting out a new album called Pilot Machines…and it’s going to be released via subscription. You pay ten bucks up front (or more if you want vinyl or shirts/posters/etc) and as the band completes and masters the tracks in the studio, they release them for your consumption in short EPs. It’s an intriguing new process and as a music lover I can’t wait to see how successful this new kind of marketing is.

As for the music, “Still” is at it’s bare bones good old pop rock. The track segue-ways between what I would consider “standard” rock procedure and modern day Beatles-esque harmonizing. This creates amazing peaks and valleys…the best example I could give is the back and forth of a basketball game or tennis match.

The track and Darlingside are well worth your time. Download “Still” below and go check out Pilot Machines and subscribe.

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