Darlingside – Blow The House Down

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Darlingside released the first of their wonderful 7” series to the world today, all in buildup to their upcoming album Pilot Machines which will be completed and released later this year. The good news? As they are in the studio working on Pilot Machines, they are giving all of us a chance to get our grubby little hands on the songs as they are completed…hence the 7” series.

Today’s release features the absolutely phenomenal “Blow The House Down” – a case study on what makes Darlingside so special and a none too subtle promise of future greatness. Outstanding vocals come standard on all Darlingside equipped tracks (check out the minstrel show-esque backing vox), however, it’s easy to forget with all the hooks the simple (and clever) twists the band puts on familiar adages and tales. The sounds of the band are exactly as they need to be – steady rhythms combined with a wave-like guitar that buffets your face kind of like the proverbial wind in the track.

Can’t forget “Drowning Elvis” – the second track on the 7” release. On the first listen, it’s easy to see why these two were paired together. “Blow The House Down” might be a crowd please, but “Drowning Elvis” is the bookend; the sad goodbye. It’s soft and peaceful, but it’s story is anything but. It’s melancholy wrapped up in a pretty black dress.

Darlingside’s Pilot Machines information and 7” releases can be found here. $10, you get the tracks as soon as they are created. Pretty good deal. Your favorite band wouldn’t do that for you. These guys will.

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