Contest: Win Mittenfields’ The Fresh Sum EP

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Today, I’m giving away 5 FREE digital copies of Mittenfields’ eardrum evolving EP The Fresh Sum. These come courtesy of the band in order to commemorate the one year anniversary of the EP’s release. If you like guitars, and more guitars, and then finally just plain kicking ass you’ll want to get your hands on a copy of this thing free of charge…

Who are Mittenfields? I reviewed The Fresh Sum last year if you’d like to read the entire thing for yourself.

If not, I’ve described them as a band “that will quickly make yourself question whether you need to have the knob turned that far to the right…or should you turn it farther?” that was “culminating in a smash of aural-chaos that is, in a word, awesome.”.

…but what do you have to do, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. My favorite Mittenfields track is titled “My Mind Is An Avalanche”. I think you’ll love it too. On top of that, it’s a pretty open ended song title if you remove the “avalanche” and replace it with….well, anything!

How to enter:

Send an e-mail to me (blogger (at), or click here) with the subject “Mittenfields”.

Type out what exactly YOUR mind is (ie: My Mind Is A Polar Bear). Bonus points for explaining why your mind is what it is, whatever it is.

Make sure you give me a real e-mail address that you can check so that I can send you one of the download codes if you are a winner.

Finally, only one entry per person! Or I’ll do something evil that might affect the global climate.

Still not sure what to do? Here’s an example:



Dear Sirens,

My Mind Is A Baked Potato because I left my head in the microwave too long one winter evening trying to stay warm from the snow


And that’s pretty much it.

Creativity counts, so the best/funniest ones are gonna win. Myself, my wife, and my English Bulldog named Odis are gonna be judging so things will be fairly impartial as long as no one sends the dog treats. The deadline to submit your mind to Sirens is July 30th @ 11:59 PM EST.

I’ll also leave you with the track in question to whet your appetite. It’s 6 minutes of awesome. You can also stream the whole album on the Mittenfields bandcamp. Enjoy and good luck!

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