Album Review: Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory

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Absolutely visceral and touting some of the rawest aggression I’ve heard since high school (no, that’s not an insult), Attack On Memory is eight tracks of Baldi and crew working their magic and rocking as hard as they could.

Let’s not kid ourselves – the pop sensibilities that mark previous Cloud Nothings’ releases are still here. “Fall In” is ridiculously catchy and “No Future No Past” has the market cornered on excellent sound combined with a touch of the melancholy. “Stay Useless” is instantly repeatable with it’s quick riffs and simple refrain that’ll have you knowing the words in under three minutes.

However, it’s the aggression combined with the hook laden riffs that are the incredible strength of Attack On Memory. Everything is easily accessible in the way it is presented (and recorded by Steve Albini), however the album is so raw that it never crosses the threshold of too much. When you hear Dylan Baldi’s vocals screech and scream as he roars “No future, no past!” or “I thought I would be more than this” it feels like he means it. Then there’s the almost nine minute track “Wasted Days”, an absolute searing rock anthem that grows into a track that, while no less carnal, is somehow darker even without the roar.

Cloud Nothings took subject matter that could have easily devolved into mainstream drivel and twisted, tore, and scraped the finish off so that when you hold it up to the mirror you actually see something real. Attack On Memory won’t send you back to high school angst but it will likely be one of the most refreshing listens you’ve heard in a while. Raw emotion, no sunshine bullshit.

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