MP3: And the Giraffe – Underground Love

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Something For Someone is more along the lines of something for anyone who loves melody and a soft, folksy sound to relax and melt into after a long day. The album is six tracks of dreamy folk pop out of Gainesville, Florida based And The Giraffe.

What? Florida? Oh yeah.

“Underground Love” opens up Something For Someone with a statement, poignant sounds providing canvas for Nick Roberts’ soft vocals, the atmosphere and style not unlike indie darling Bon Iver. “Still” bookends this 23 minute EP with a warm, wandering sound and a different vocalist – this time Josh Morris provides vocal duties for the duo. The change is not drastic, but I can’t help but feel more of an older Coldplay vibe from some of the instrumentation in the track.

“We’re gonna be big stars some day” opens up the closer, and while “big stars” is a relative term based on your feeling about what is successful in the industry, And The Giraffe are definitely on the right path. They know their sound and they embrace and embellish it in a manner that seems very comfortable for a group’s first record.

You can download Something For Someone for free via their bandcamp below.

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MP3: And The Giraffe – Underground Love

Bonus MP3: And The Giraffe – Still

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