Album Stream: Walla + Sombear 7″ (Record Store Day)

0 Posted by - 04/02/2013 - One Timer

Trans-Records is releasing a split 7″ featuring “Never Give Up” from Walla and “Incredibly Still” by Sombear on Record Store Day. These are two pretty elegant tracks, with the Walla track (Chris Walla, guitarist/producer from Death Cab For Cutie) being quite a somber piano driven piece. It has this slow motion moving montage feel, like watching the grieving family after a tragedy has occurred before the final stanza of the film. It’s quite beautiful, though simple, yet I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

“Incredibly Still” is more of a “song” in the modern sense. It features some silkily whispered pop vocals, not unlike those I fell in love with from The Postal Service all those years ago, and some amazing production. The sounds here are wonderful, and the repeated tinkling of the keys or whatever that is in the chorus is absolutely delicious. “Incredibly Still” is far catchier than I expected after delving into “Never Give Up” and it seems they make an interesting pair for a 7″ release.

Now you just gotta go pick it up at your local record store, if you’re lucky enough to have one of the 1000 of these sent there.

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