Album Stream: The Dead Ships – A Ramble For Levon

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deadshipsIt has been a long, long time since I’ve featured some new music from our old favorites The Dead Ships. Once upon a time I interviewed them and premiered their wonderful Amaze/Friends By Default 7″, and then they dropped their first full length in Electric Ahab. They’ve earned a permanent pass to the front of the queue from myself and my blog based on their music alone.

I’m sitting at the table and I’ve just finished feeding my youngest son his dinner. He’s only eleven months, but he eats like a grown man. Seriously. I decide to check my Sirens’ mail on my phone and Bandcamp alerts me that The Dead Ships have put up a new album. I click the link immediately…page not found. I try again and nothing. Again, nothing. I give up for thirty minutes and go back. Still nothing. I think to myself, “maybe this is something coming out in the future.”

Thankfully, no. I found it where it was supposed to be yesterday morning.

A Ramble For Levon is a simple two track EP of covers performed by The Dead Ships. The first track, “When I Go Away”, is a cover of Levon Helm’s track (original here) that the guys did for An L.A. Ramble For Levon at The Mint last May 2012  benefiting Rocking Out For Cancer. What happens here is The Dead Ships take an beloved track and deadships it, adding a touch of their grit and a heaping helping of Devlin McCluskey’s soul filled vocals to put their own spin and something that was already recognizable. It’s a hard thing to do, taking a known quantity and making it your own without going over the edge – The Dead Ships delivered admirably, however. It felt like the perfect track for their sound, to be honest, with it’s message already showcasing that simultaneous feeling of somber and uplifting.

I’ll admit to being completely unfamiliar with “Ophelia”, but after brushing up I believe it was a faithful rendition. For my money, I’m definitely digging “When I Go Away” over “Ophelia”, but you’ll not go wrong with either. Matter of fact, you can’t go wrong at all because the two tracks are pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

It’s good to hear from these guys again. Check em out below:

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