Album Stream: Sunshine – Sunshine

0 Posted by - 03/11/2013 - One Timer

sunshineJangly, hazy, and speckled with a “just right” portion of fun – that’s what you’re in for with Sunshine’s self titled album which released on February 26th. I am quite aware that was two weeks ago, but hey, lots of stuff hits the inbox. One man can only do so much!

I threw Sunshine on today while getting some things done around the house and I was quite smitten with it’s quality. It does have that hazy, foggy dynamic I mentioned earlier, yet the sounds for the most part err on the side of sunny. Coincidence? Probably not.

I’m always enthralled by some dreamy rock, so I guess this should be no surprise. You can’t help but love the cheeky photo above, as well.

You should really give it a listen. That’s why you’re here, right? You can also pick up your own copy at this link. That version includes an extra track, if you’re looking for more.

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