Album Stream: Sir Sly – Ghost 7″

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I suppose it was inevitable that there’d be comparisons between Sir Sly and The Neighbourhood (I also saw a great deal of Foster the People references). After all, they might not be the same star but they definitely orbit the same sun. I’m was honestly shocked when I heard them. The bands are quite similar in a lot of ways. Not completely, though. The first immediate difference that comes to mind for me is the vocals; The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford’s vox are a bit more sweet and sultry, whereas Landon Jacobs’ voice is a touch more straightforward.

The second difference is the most important; Sir Sly absolutely excels on the musical side. Their production is top notch and the vocals ride the wave of those beats so well that it puts them a step above the competition in my eyes. Their soundscapes and the avenues they seem willing to go down are a bit more varied than we’ve seen from other acts of this indie pop-hop style. While still loving some of the latest The Neighbourhood offerings, I felt a bit jaded at the continued darkness and sexuality; not that I have a problem with either, but I like hearing something new and the last few tracks from them felt quite similar to me. Not so with Sir Sly. The tracks feel different and while the themes seem similar, they feel far more accessible to the average fan.

Sir Sly’s track “Ghost” is top shelf. That beat/production is absolutely killer and I could just listen to the instrumental over and over – not even getting into the amazing effort delivered by Jacobs and his lyrics. All of these tracks are pretty swell, to be honest, and if you are a fan of The Neighbourhood or Foster the People you’re gonna love this.

As an indie fan in general, you’re pretty sure to find something to love out of these four tracks.

Stream it below, purchase the MP3’s at iTunes or buy the vinyl at Neon Gold.

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