Album Stream: Jaymes Young – Dark Star

0 Posted by - 08/20/2013 - One Timer

We started writing about Jaymes Young back in May. It’s now August 20th and the Dark Star album is complete and available for free download via his website.

If you haven’t heard Jaymes Young, he combines compelling production tinged in melancholy vibes with a two thirds helping of pop plus another third of R&B sprinkled in.

If you’d like to catch up on Sirens’ coverage of Jaymes Young, here’s a rundown.

“Dark Star” – “…the production is dark and warbling, with thunderous beats that are amplified by Jaymes’ silk-laden vocals…”

“Dark Star (Kiely Rich Remix)” – “…Jaymes Young’s style is totally transformed from shimmering and engrossing to pulsing dance…”

“Wondering” – “…Jaymes Young takes to the piano and delivers a moderately more upbeat jam for those rainy afternoons you spend staring out the window…”

“Fragments” – “…beneath that sparse and lonely melody there’s dark synths and deep bass…”

“Moondust” – “…“Moondust” is the answer to the question, “Can he do it again?””

“One Last Time” – “…its a grower, not a shower, and if you need to chill out and cool off “One Last Time” will be right there with you…”

Stream the entire album below, download it for free via the Soundcloud player, or head to Jaymes Young’s website and grab your copy.


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