Album Stream: Hoax Hunters/Snowy Owls Split 7″ (CH023)

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Switching things up to the other coast now, I got news of another new release from The Snowy Owls. This time it’s a split with Hoax Hunters on Cherub Records for Record Store Day. I’ve done a bit of writing about The Snowy Owls in the past year – they’ve been quite prolific – they are also from Richmond, VA which was the previous locale of Sirens. Unfortunately I hadn’t encountered the sweet sounds of Hoax Hunters, however they hail from the same locale.

Hoax Hunters track “Orbit” kicks things off – it’s a bit of an old school rock jam in the sense that you’re not gonna hear much like it in 2013. The vox are well worn and feel very open-air, with a very live sound. I suppose I should study up on my former hometown’s local acts a little more thoroughly – no excuse for missing Hoax Hunters. There’s also another track titled “Color Coded” that you can grab on the physical version but it seems to be absent from the digital copy.

The Snowy Owls contribute the track “Kerfluffle” to the 7″ split. It is a particularly smooth joint, insofar as a band known for fuzz, distortion, and noise can be smooth. This cut has a very relaxing quality – it never gets too high, remaining right at the level necessary to sustain your attention throughout without resulting to theatrics. It kind of puts me in mind of a summer day with a full on drizzle, muggy and humid as hell.

If you’re in Richmond, you can grab the square cut “bronze smoke” 7″ at Steady Sounds. If you’re like me and outside of that neck of the woods, the digital copy resides on Bandcamp for $2. It’s well worth the pittance for both tracks.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: record store fuzz in (the) rain

Yeah that is six words.

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