Album Stream: Best Friend – Division

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Not to tell you your business, but everyone needs a Best Friend. Particularly someone like you who loves undiscovered gems, rough edges, and the thrill of the hunt. The hunt is cancelled for today, our game is found. Best Friend have just released Division, an endeavor that took around eight months to prepare and is now ready for eardrums everywhere.

I became aware of Best Friend via some obscure link, but the gist of it is they were from Knoxville which is my unofficial hometown. Now I live close to Nashville, and well, they are from there too. Coincidence? Nah man, it was fate! They’ve steadily released or remastered tracks over the last bit leading up to this release, whetting the appetite appreciatively without going into over exposure mode.

Division, at its core, is a disarmingly sweet indie rock record with hazy sounds primed for humid evenings fading into dusk. Best Friend know who they are as a band and it shows in their work. Front to back, Division is concise and concrete in it’s approach; make a beautiful dream pop record, adorn it with shimmering melodies and prop it up on solid, catchy rhythms, allowing the unorthodox lyrical style to take hold on the listener.

There are some real gems here – some that you’ve heard before. “Sure” and “Phases of the Moon” are immediately recognizable, while title track “Division” has the most gusto of the nine album tracks. You’re gonna like it. If I had to tab a favorite, though, “Soft Focus” grabs the baton and takes the early lead. Best Friend is fond of the tagline “live in a cave, never ever bathe” and there’s no track on Division with a more haunted, echo laden delivery than “Soft Focus”.

Indie rock cave dwellers unite. You can grab Division for pay what you want on Bandcamp.

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