Album Stream: And the Giraffe – Creature Collector

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In November 2011 I wrote about dream folk outfit And the Giraffe. They had recently released Something For Someone and I can’t even remember how I stumbled on it, or if they stumbled on me. It honestly doesn’t matter. Fact is, it was excellent and held promise for more great things to come.

Being the slightly irregular blogger that I am, I missed that And the Giraffe released their second six track effort Creature Collector at the beginning of November 2012 – a year after I first reviewed their music. They sent it over, it got lost in the shuffle…it happens, but it’s sad that it did. Recently the guys in ATG sent out a very tongue-in-cheek press release and I happened to be in my inbox when it arrived. I read it, discovered there was a new EP and here we are…

So what’s the Gainesville/Nashville group have that you want to hear? Well, at it’s bare bones you’d call this folk, or folk pop. They harness some beautiful melodies with soft, caressing vocals and an excellent ear for how to craft a song – creating little melodic masterpieces you sort of just fall into. I’ve heard folks refer to certain tracks as earworms or other such descriptors…that sounds pretty spot on for the songs of And the Giraffe.

We’re talking a group of four 21 year old college students (making me feel old), who came together in Nashville to record this beauty despite one fella living in Gainesville, FL and another two members having to ride a bus another few hundred miles. Perseverance, ladies and gentlemen! They spent many a late night frequenting basements and studios in the Music City for two months, emerging with Creature Collector. It may seem a little cliched, but you get no where without a will and it seems when it comes to will And the Giraffe have it spades.

Did I mention they can back up all those late nights with some amazing sounds? You can grab your own Creature Collector on bandcamp for whatever you want to pay, or nothing.

HIGHLIGHTS: “Sorry” (this is a strange one to be honest, but if you’re into pop music you’re gonna dig it…three minutes of buildup and a gorgeous payoff give way to a zany white noise-esque interlude – it’ll keep your attention, I assure you, definitely my favorite)

“The Silent” (peaceful and sparse, picks up with some nice percussion and guitar on the back end for a beautiful close)

“Enough is Enough” (a touch different from the rest, it’s slightly ballad-like structure (by my ears at least) could have easily been a hell of a sing-a-long arena rock track if given that treatment…instead, it’s a nice somber piece with just a touch of fuzz boiling up underneath)

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