Album Review: Trails And Ways – Detornar-se (Remix EP)

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detornarTrails And Ways are kicking off the new year with Detornar-se, an unsolicited crowd-sourced remix EP that is sure to ignite the fire in your MP3 player. Detornar-se, which is a gender neutral form of a Portuguese reflexive verb, roughly translating to “to unmake”was described by Trails And Ways as having come about organically by inspired producers from as far away as England and Mexico over the past few months. There are not many forms of flattery greater than unsolicited remixes of your tracks…particularly when said remixes are so well done, yet that’s precisely the inspiration these producers gained from Trails And Ways.

Detornar-se showcases the work of eight different producers and this is very evident in the listen. For a short eight tracks, there are a plethora of influences and styles which speak to the broad appeal of Trails And Ways regardless of your preferred genre affiliation. They seamlessly segue from dreamy pop to glittering indie rock, finding their way into R&B and electronic influences when the music requires it, seizing the huge diversity in sound that many listeners share in 2013.  It’s the strength of the band and that diversity in style is the foundation of this EP.

The spectrum for interpretations of Trails And Ways’ music is no better witnessed than in the dueling versions of “Nunca” and “Tereza” that liven up Detornar-se. Celestial Trax and Yalls took their own style and remixed and reformed “Tereza”. Their takes are as varied as cuisine from opposite corners of the world. The Celestial Trax version has an excellent and well hidden beating laying a foundation covered with emotion, reverb, and this ethereal atmosphere rocketing the space between your ears onto a sonic journey like a cloud-bouncing pinball. Contrasted with Yalls remix of “Tereza”, a newcomer might struggle to even recognize they were cut from the same cloth. Yalls is bouncy and light, harnessing the sing-song vocalization of Emma Oppen in “Tereza” with their own take to create a manic version of this gem. Yalls version stands out as the most different in an EP full of difference, switching the style from thoughtful to hectic for the space of four minutes.

Throughout life a lucky number of us fall in love. We absorb ourselves in the nuances, quirks, and beauty of this other human being and we think we have learned all there is to know about them. And then sometimes you find out something new. People (and things) change. In this particular case, the music changed of it’s own accord. It re-made itself. These eight producers took some of the most endearing and engaging tracks of 2012 and gave them a new life, a new sound.

It might be a bit longer until we receive that full length from Trails And Ways. For now, throw those headphones on and listen to your old favorites re-imagined. Stream it below or purchase Detornar-se on iTunes. You can also grab it for free on the Trails And Ways website by following them on Twitter.

Favorites: “Border Crosser (The Seshun Remix)”, “Mtn Tune (Wallpaper. Remix)”, “Midnight City (Prismic Delight Remix)”

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