Album Review: The Neighbourhood – I’m Sorry…

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The Neighbourhood was an enigma until recently. No one knew who they were, how many members there were in the band, or why they hated the beach but stood with their toes firmly in the sand. Time has passed, the veil of secrecy has been lifted, and surprisingly (at least to me) the band just dropped a five track EP – I’m Sorry…

If The Neighbourhood’s music is an apology, then I assure you that Sirens will take up apologizing in every post in order to maximize our reviewing skills. That was my roundabout way of saying that I love I’m Sorry… These dudes combine my obvious love of indie rock with a smattering of R&B and a dash of some of silky hip-hop that really hits on a level above what most attempts at genre bending are able to achieve. Lots of bands, groups, and artists are able to make one genre bending hit. Not very often do you discover the formula for repeated success.

So far, The Neighbourhood has.

I’m Sorry features a lot of relationship talk; this should come as no surprise if you’ve heard the other singles. I’m not sure you can call this a summer album, but along with summer anthem “Sweater Weather” (insert redundant comment about summer + sweaters = not summer) it will definitely find it’s way to your repeat button.

What stands apart about The Neighbourhood’s sound is the infectious quality of Jessie James Rutherford’s R&B vocals shining through each track, combined with the insanely catchy rhythms that these guys just keep churning out.

If you’re looking for something that is memorable for the Year of the Mayans, you’ve found it. I’m Sorry makes no apologies. It just does, and does it well.

You can download I’m Sorry for free via this link, or purchase it on iTunes. Hit up The Neighbourhood on Facebook. Listen to one of the new tracks, “Baby Came Home”, below.

MP3: The Neighbourhood – Baby Came Home

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