Album Review: Summerays – Toyohashi 7″

0 Posted by - 08/16/2012 - One Timer

Summerays dropped the Toyohashi 7″ two days ago and I’ve been digging it. Hailing from Cleveland, Summerays was originally the vision of Luke Teeters and has since expanded into a four piece outfit that is definitely worth checking out.

“Toyohashi” opens with bright riffs and just the smallest hint of Japanese flavor. It’s melody is both imminently familiar and immediately fetching, combined with the story of a man and his best friend who has been away in Tokyo. Labelled as “surf rock”, the sound definitely checks sunny and rocking off in the description box. “Toyohashi” straddles this great line between carefree music and lyrics that are a little deeper than your average surf track.

The second track on the 7″, “Spacious” combs a slightly different path. Carrying a more somber tone, it evokes fall in every way for my ears. Don’t let that discourage you. It could as easily be the continuation of “Toyohashi” as it is the shift onto something newer. The guitar sparkles and really captures your ear in “Spacious”, with obvious highs and lows and a melody that I can imagine piping through a synthesizer as well as the guitar.

Both tracks are incredibly soothing and perfect for a day of relaxing on the tail end of August with fall just around the corner. You can purchase the Toyohashi 7″ on Cool Summer Records. You like vinyl, right?

Summerays are also on Facebook.

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