Album Review: Seatraffic – Crimes 7″

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San Francisco’s Seatraffic are rapidly approaching the release of the Crimes 7″, which is also coincidentally their first physical release. The duo creates a certain blend of dreamy electronic pop that has regularly managed to find it’s way into my heart. Scanning back through the archives from “Speed Limits” and then onto the releases that followed it, their synthpop sound has been exceptional.

Now their newest work the Crimes 7″ has stolen the show and taken the proverbial cake. “Crimes” opens majestically, almost theatrically. The whole cut has this beautifully mournful sound, slow and stately, as it comes clocking in at just a little over five minutes. Reverb washed vocals abound that really wail out there and hit you, particularly in the refrain. Combine that with the rather interesting inclusion of the chanted portions of verse in the track, and you have a song that both stimulates and grows as it continually drenches you in that forlorn emotion like relentless ocean waves.

“Put Away” has a style that is a bit more tried and true. The stately beat of “Crimes” is traded for a more upbeat form that I imagine would lend itself incredibly well to some serious remixing. “Put Away” puts the Seatraffic vocals on full display, as well as impresses with the sheer fluidity of sound that the band produces. The instrumentation is so soothing and seamless that there isn’t really much better headphone music around for a rainy afternoon.

I also want to take a moment to talk (gush!) about Seatraffic’s wonderful cover art for this 7″ release. I’m not an artist by any means, but this is some of the coolest cover art I’ve seen in 2012. If we went back in time to the days before the interweb and music blogs and I were to see this thing in my local record store, I’d have blind scooped it up like some readers purchase books based on their covers. Whoever created this, kudos. I need to recruit you to do some logo and playlist cover art work for me! It all fits together so well with the music; from the face blocked out by the ocean, the dude with the receding hairline making the lady cry, the rain in the picture in the corner…and last but not least, the hand drawn look of the “Crimes” on the cover that looks exactly like how I wrote band names and song lyrics on my notebooks back in 1998. Absolutely love it.

As I stated above, this is Seatraffic’s very first physical release. They are putting the Crimes 7″ out on a limited edition of 300 white vinyl copies which you can purchase for a mere $5 on their Bandcamp. The album releases on 8/01, and you can stream it on Bandcamp as well. I already nabbed my copy of the vinyl – it also comes with an immediate download of both tracks.

Still not sold? Stream or download “Crimes” below from the Soundcloud player and listen repeatedly. You’ll change your mind.

As always, you can find Seatraffic on Facebook.

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