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How best to describe “Mm Hm Hm”, lead single from the newest project of Manicorn’s Eilam Wolman? It’s punk styled garage rock & roll that puts me in mind of the very best of The Hives, if The Hives gave up all pretense and were determined to eviscerate eardrums. “Mm Hm Hm” is that track you blast as you enter the on ramp to the freeway in a high speed chase – it may not be for everyone, but it sure as hell should be.

That’s not to say Sabba Rabba is all about kicking your teeth in – “Play It Cool” is a chill little rock number with a straightforward chorus that you’ll find yourself humming along to in record time. Wolman and co. captured pop simplicity here, with everything from the rhythm to the sparse lyricism evoking that proverbial “cool”. The club style outro is pretty neat, as well.

“Something Cruel”, the closer of this short little EP takes a further step back from the throttle, delivering sounds that would easily find themselves at home in any of the dream pop outfits you so often see here on this blog. Sabba Rabba, taken as a whole, is an interesting exercise – a three-act piece that picks up at the climax and delivers all the gore and sweetness of the aftermath without all that unnecessary buildup.

Eilam Wolman and his varied band of musical helpers have established themselves as beloved artists here at Sirens. You shouldn’t miss out. Feel free to take the time machine back to last winter and Manicorn’s full length, as well, if you’re interested. You can grab Sabba Rabba for zero bones on Bandcamp. It’s out now on We Are Tar.

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  • Muscle Mass 01/28/2014 - 3:03 PM

    This rocks, totally garage! Feels really fresh.