Album Review: Nerves Junior – Craters EP

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cratersIt’s different. You might find yourself saying that when you load the latest Nerves Junior EP up on your iPhone. Opening track “Craters” packs away the oomph that marked previous efforts from the Louisville, KY band – this time the group have placed the emphasis on providing greater substance instead of style.

Have you ever felt, no, dreaded something so badly that it made you sick to your stomach? You couldn’t stop thinking about it. This dread may have dominated your daily life – even when you were happy, it was like a cloaked figure on the edge of your vision, casting a shadow on your sunny day. “Craters” reminds me of that feeling, whether by it’s melancholy vox or it’s tip-toeing keys that rise into an all out aural assault of angst and despair. I consider myself something of a “depressing” track expert. I work diligently to avoid any kind of sad or somber sounding music any more than is necessary. This track seems different though. I can’t say I’ll be listening to it for months to come, but it gives me this oddly refreshing sense of nostalgia for my younger years that I find very compelling.

The next track, “Intern”, has a curious name. When you read that it kind of conjures certain images, no? Interns, the act of interning, or possibly thoughts or beliefs you would prefer remained internal forever. “Intern” seems to fall in that latter category. I said “Craters” was a melancholy track, but this cut is on some Edgar Allen Poe shit. There are some very nice touches such as the finger-snaps throughout – this has to be the first documented song (on this blog) where finger-snaps were not used in an upbeat manner. I guess Lil’ Jon did say you could do it all by yourself, which would be kind of sad. As strange as this track is, the ending is an absolutely stunning display of fuzz and grit, the product of some excellent buildup that really shows what the new incarnation of Nerves Junior is capable of.

“Goodnight Nobody” is a track determined to make a fool out of me. I loved it when the band sent it over a couple weeks ago, but I also declared that “I anticipated something more upbeat for the next Nerves Junior single…” Surprise, mister blogger. It’s actually the most upbeat piece contained in the entire EP. Don’t be shy, though. I know you sometimes have a taste for something that isn’t dripping in sunshine. If that’s the case, Craters will be right up your alley.

Click through below or head to the Nerves Junior bandcamp to download the EP for $2.

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