Album Review: Nacosta – Without Limits/Paradise Cough

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“Fascinated by the chaotic point where the sprawling beauty and unrestrained wilderness of nature collides headlong with the isolating yet enticing expanse of the urban world,” Los Angeles based Nacosta was born. Combining folk and psychedelic soundscapes into a sometimes haunting, yet oddly stimulating composition, these three dudes (four on “Paradise Cough”) are in the process of releasing a double sided single each month. In December, Nacosta released the first two tracks in the single series, Folie à deux b/w Strangers (“Strangers” video to follow in a separate post later this week).

Recently I got my ears on the second set of singles, Without Limits b/w Paradise Cough.

The A-side “Without Limits” isn’t exactly a rocker, though I would not call it somber. Where needed, Nacosta raises the ante throughout, yet it takes only a cursory listen to this single to note the differences between it and it’s B-side brethren  Stately verses, hazy, atmospheric guitars; this song is as much an experience as it is a listen. Rising and falling and rising again, the front-side of this release won’t leave you disappointed.

“Paradise Cough” is the true single of the pair – upbeat, even poppy, juxtaposing a ridiculously sexy guitar lead (that aforementioned psychedelic sound) and a slightly more subdued, folksy verse structure. Say one thing about Nacosta if you say anything at all, when these dudes go all in, they soar. It’s not so much the beautiful sounds that set it apart; it’s more the little flairs of craftsmanship that pop in and out of the song that really stand out in a pair of headphones. The tinkling keys, the subtly rising guitar feedback in the landscape of the track, and all of this anchored by a very steady backbone of bass and percussion. In hockey terms, that lead was sexy and Brandon Graham can sing – but those keys and that bass are that 3rd or 4th line grinding it out and wearing ’em down, winning the game.

This particular cut has an amazingly catchy chorus, hence the reference to it being a “true single”. You will pick the words up within the first listen:

Paradise cough/it’s everything you wanted it to be/paradise cough/it’ll bring you down to your knees (and hands)

I won’t claim to know what a “Paradise Cough” is, but it sure as hell sounds good.

You can stream both tracks below, as well as download your very own free copies at the Nacosta bandcamp. They are also on Facebook.

BROUGHT ME TO MY KNEES WHEN…I think it’s more of a “what” this time, and that “what” is the absolutely-freaking-beautiful lead throughout “Paradise Cough”. Not to be confused with “Paradise City”, which I’ve also heard was a good track from the 80’s.

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