Album Review: Moonlight Bride – Dead Language EP

0 Posted by - 11/28/2012 - One Timer

Chattanooga band Moonlight Bride have a new EP coming out, and they want you to listen before you buy. I listened to their Twin Lakes EP quite a lot back in the early part of 2012, so I was pretty excited to see Dead Language EP in the inbox.

The press release described the band’s genre as “haunted pop”. All it takes is a listen to first track “Open Waters” to see what they mean. The melody is haunting, with keys punching in somber fashion and ethereal vocals reverberating along the empty shores. “Wild Heart” takes on a folk quality, with a neat little picked guitar and soothing tones. I’ll not go too far into “Diego”, as we’ve already heard this ditty before – only this time it’s acoustic. It’s still one my favorite Moonlight Bride tracks.

You’ll find “It Could Happen” the most rambunctious of the cuts on this new EP. The track opens melancholy, steadily building into an exciting and delectable array of sounds to assault your senses. I swear I hear kazoos in there, but hey, it’s hands down my favorite track of the five. “Silver Slumbers” is haunted pop, with a sound similar to a movie scene, right before the big bad thing goes down.

Dead Language is nothing if not pop riddled – the foreboding, the questioning, the wondering…it’s all there, and all with Moonlight Bride’s unique brand of catchy yet introspective rock. It’s nice stuff.

You can stream the entire EP below, so check it out. It’ll be released on December 4th via all reputable internet purveyors of digital musical goodness.

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