Album Review: Kodiak Fur – Kodiak Fur EP

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Kodiak Fur are a Miami based group of musicians that popped onto our radar a few weeks back with “Hi Luv”. Now they are dropping their first EP, a self-titled four track effort. Kodiak Fur consists of singer-songwriter/bassist Albert Vargas, producer/guitarist ZuesLve, as well as Steve Sanz and Chris Thomas,2/3rd’s of the Mr. Familiar production team. Simply put, they produce electronic music with pop stylings and vocals that will hook you early and keep you up late.

“Hi Luv” has popped up in a lot of places and I feel like there’s not much more to be said. I had said that “Hi Luv” is the type of track that can lull you into a daze just by floating around in your head. I found myself thinking about it and trying to place the words, but the more I focused on it the more ethereal the whole thing got. I’ll once again echo that sentiment.

Second track “Dice” has the same kind of hazy feel, though to me it’s definitely a bit more upbeat with the instrumentation. The vocals are completely different, this time a bit more airy and containing this rise and fall to them that is not unlike the moth being repeatedly drawn to the flame.

“Lips” begins with a twangy beat and deep, breathy vox that fly straight out of decades gone by yet find themselves still completely enjoyable. There’s also a falsetto shift in the vocals that is pretty interesting, serving as the refrain but I can’t make out what the words are. The main attraction here is the bouncy ass electro-beat that pulses through the track and will invade your ears, enveloping everything in it’s hypnotic grasp.

She calls me anytime cause I’m her favorite thing, inside her every dream

The closer is “All That You Are” and it’s a slow, moody piece that is filled with space and gravity. It draws you in with it’s simple melody and the story that is told through the lyrics, which is something I hadn’t noticed on the other three tracks. The atmosphere Kodiak Fur captured in this cut recalls foggy midnights beneath unfamiliar street lights…a sense of wonder at the unknown tempered by a small hint of trepidation. Finally, the subtle inclusion of those soft female vocals throughout the track really hit it out of the park for me.

The Kodiak Fur EP will find you a welcome friend if you are a fan of electro-pop, dreampop, whatever it is you want to label this sound. The first three tracks feature a great variation of sounds, from the vocals on down to the melodies and moods that the band seems to have been trying to capture. “All That You Are” utilizes the same vocal style of “Lips” but transforms the sound from dance-y to a beautiful melancholy that really caps this short EP in style.

You can download the entire four track EP for free via this link, or click through the Soundcloud player. Stream the entire EP below as well. You can also find the FreeLVE Collective/Kodiak Fur on Facebook.

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