Album Review: Infinity Girl – Stop Being On My Side

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Boston based Infinity Girl create noisy soundscapes with driving guitar and dreamy vocals, imbuing them with a sense of vastness that belies the fact that this is their very first album as a band. I received their debut Stop Being On My Side and I am definitely impressed. It’s just the kind of rock that I’ve always loved.

When you hear “By Now” and it’s combination of slowly chugging rhythm and amazingly beautiful riffs that just seem to extend further and further into the sky, you’ll be instantly hooked. It’s six minutes of shoegaze bliss, for those of you into being happy about things. For those who aren’t, it’s the kind of sound you would put on when you wanted to create something (or maybe tear it down). Headphones on, mind open.

“Please Forget” is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s quick, with a driving rhythm and screaming guitars – very frantic, a chase at midnight and it’s gonna take everything you’ve got to get away. The sound is chaotic, a maelstrom of emotion and instruments that stands out immediately.

My other favorite “Blood And Dirt” almost seems like a whimsical production; everything is much clearer, from the vocals to the slightly distorted guitar that chugs throughout. The ooh’s and aah’s that dot the background of the track make it memorable and otherworldly, while the buildup in the closing minute of the track shows that epic is well within the Infinity Girl scope.

Stop Being On My Side has more than noise and a hazy sound to make it noteworthy. Unlike a lot of shoegaze I’ve came across, Infinity Girl seem to be comfortable in their ability to provide variety; it’s not all five minute stoner rock. These guys have hugged the 90’s, embraced the indies of today, and cross pollinated these together with some dispassionate sounding yet still wistful and capturing vocals that will make you sit up (or slouch down in your chair) and take notice.

Infinity Girl are selling Stop Being On My Side for name your own price on their Bandcamp. You can also check em out on Facebook.

MP3: Infinity Girl – By Now

MP3: Infinity Girl – Please Forget

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