Album Review: Infinity Girl – Just Like Lovers EP

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It’s time for finals again for college kids around the country. Considering college age readers are the life blood of this blog (and most others), I feel a bit of an obligation to them. It doesn’t hurt that I am one as well, if not in age then at least in profession (is student a profession?).

Infinity Girl is a band from Boston that are Sirens alums, themselves. Some time back I reviewed their first release, Stop Being On My Side, and said “it’s the kind of sound you would put on when you wanted to create something (or maybe tear it down)”. They are back, this time with a new EP Just Like Lovers. This is where final exam time comes into play.

Being a guy who is taking final exams himself, when I listen to the five tracks contained on this new Infinity Girl EP I can’t help but believe this music feels like the inside of my head must look like in the final week of the semester. Just Like Lovers is a huge rush of sounds, crazy dissonant chords coming together in a huge wave of noise that is as much aural calamity as underlying melody.

If you wrote these track names down on a piece of paper and told me to circle one that sums up Infinity Girl for me, I’d have to circle “Taking Nothing”. The waves of sound cascade through the headphones, but running counter to everything is a nice bit of lyricism and melody that really makes me love the track. Nolan Eley’s vocals are far from overpowering and while occasionally they are swallowed by all the shimmer, I feel like this is probably intentional. When his voice emerges it creates a new dynamic, and the sound of the band really meshes.

I’d like to touch on “Not My Hang”, which is something akin to “same cut, different cloth” when it comes to this band. This is easily the most beautiful track on the EP and it’s right up there as my favorite on this release. “Not My Hang” meanders, almost folk-like, very laid back indie rock. You listen and you could fall in love. It really makes you wonder, is this the same band? Well, that is until around two minutes in where Infinity Girl stomps on the gas and everything about the track is turned up to ten. It’s an amazing listen. Even if you hated all four other tracks (which would be surprising, and cause me to question your taste) you have to listen to this one and get caught up in it.

Just Like Lovers EP seems to be an evolution of the band. There are no upbeat tracks like “Please Forget”, and instead of vocal heavy tracks like “By Now” Infinity Girl appear to be more comfortable with the wall of sound they produce and allow it to speak for itself. All out shoegaze, you dig? I feel justified in saying that if you prefer more “poppy” rock music, you will likely prefer Stop Being On My Side. Don’t let that stop you from listening to this and expanding your mind though.

If you like music for the sounds themselves and what you can get out of it, you should be giving this EP a download. It’s not unlike some of the great atmospheric electronic music that everyone clamors for…you know, except for the part where Infinity Girl do all that with guitars instead of synths. I’ll take the guitars, myself.

You can grab this album for free via the Soundcloud player below (you’ll have to download each track individually) or you can head over to the Infinity Girl bandcamp and get yourself a free copy, or maybe send em a few bucks.

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