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gospelgossipGospel Gossip’s self-titled LP is here today in all it’s shoegazing, soaring glory. It’s everything you loved about the Atlantic Blue 7″ and “Except You” in full length form. For me, it’s a great day. This Minneapolis based outfit hasn’t released a bad track since I’ve been covering them – nothing but quality and ear pleasing jams. To get a whole album so soon after the 7″ release last November is a real treat.

The opener “4th of July” crescendos into the atmosphere and beyond with a display of noise not unlike the grand finale on said holiday – heart lifting and beautiful to behold. “Sad Machines” is as stirring now as it was in November when paired together with “Atlantic Blue” on the aforementioned 7″ vinyl, and you can read my thoughts on “Except You” here. The fifth track on the LP, “On The Edge”, simmers with high, poignant sounds and Sarah Nienaber’s whispered vocals…the combination sounds amazing, and the subtle shift that occurs on the back third of the track into a louder, more forceful sound showcases the little touches that make a band quality.

“Simpler Times” was covered in last week’s Red Lights, and “Snow Came” is arguably this LP’s ugly duckling. It doesn’t sound a whole hell of a lot like the other tracks – it’s more straightforward, with a bit more oomph on all fronts. Combine that with different vocals and a steady percussion and it’s easy to see why I’ve separated it from the rest. The thing is, though, it’s awesome. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. The ugly duckling surprised everyone by turning into a beautiful swan; “Snow Came” grows from a bit of hazy jam session into something far more thunderous and pleasing in it’s short three minutes.

There’s not much more to say about “Atlantic Blue” for me. As I said in November, it lies somewhere between 80’s ballad and shoegaze as we know it. It’s the missing track from the Top Gun soundtrack, and for my money it’s easily my favorite Gospel Gossip track. Everything they are capable of  is on full display here, from the vocals on down to the instrumental tossed right inside the track. “The Sun” echoes out from somewhere darker than the previous eight tracks. There’s a very cavernous quality to it’s stately march, and it’s an interesting flip from the soaring beauty of “Atlantic Blue” to “The Sun” and it’s vaguely sinister cacophony.

I’ll be honest, I’m not even qualified to comment on album closer “Smaller”. I can’t describe it, explain it, or even touch on it. It’s better than any words I can describe it with. Basically, it’s an instrumental that evokes images of a warm day in a meadow of wheat or the beauty of a view from the top of the mountain. It’s quite clearly the capper to what is an amazing ten tracks on Gospel Gossip, and if I were worth my salt as a blogger I could potentially do it some justice. I’m not, so maybe Gospel Gossip themselves will come explain the thought behind it one day.

WASN’T BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY…but I’ll celebrate it in March thanks to Gospel Gossip. This is a freaking excellent debut LP and if you are a fan of shoegaze or pop music in general, you need to be heading to Bandcamp to buy it now. Preferably on vinyl, of course, as that is the way of things and that way is good.

Stream the whole thing below.


  • Isaac Arms 03/23/2013 - 2:34 PM

    Great review. Nice to see someone parse a record but not be boring or overly analytic about it.

    ¡Viva Gospel Gossip!

    • Jason Harrison 03/23/2013 - 3:59 PM

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And yes, indeed, Gospel Gossip are great!