Album Review: Dangerous Cans – Stayin In The USA/Pretty Trash 7″

0 Posted by - 08/02/2013 - One Timer

Admit it. When you saw this album art you had to check out the sounds. Just had to. That’s what happened to me. “Stayin In The USA” also happened to be absolutely irresistible, so that didn’t hurt. It’s pop in a fairly pure sense, with some electronic dashes that are delectable enough to hold up to repeated listens. I had a lot of fun listening to it, simultaneously feeling giddy and ridiculous, which is how I imagine my 3 year old son feels 24 hours a day. Its pretty awesome, as well as bicycle ride on a sunny day approved.

Dangerous Cans is the creation of Fairbanks, AK born Brian Time. He gets a double bonus for being both our first Alaskan artist (I believe), as well as having Time for a last name (whether real or stage). He described his music as fuzzed out indietronic, but didn’t say a word about the mustachioed basketball player on the Stayin In The USA/Pretty Trash 7″ artwork. I believe it’s a bit of a self portrait in caricature, based on a semi-obscured headshot (and other photos) that are featured on some other tracks on the Dangerous Cans Soundcloud. If it weren’t, I’d be quite disappointed as this mustache should be a staple of all Dangerous Cans live shows.

If you’re curious, “Pretty Trash” is a bit less energetic but no slouch on the quality. Combined with “Stayin In The USA” it’s a pretty svelte back-end to the 7″ vinyl release.

You can purchase the Stayin In The USA/Pretty Trash 7″ on vinyl via Bandcamp for $5. Oh and yeah, I’ll take one of those Dangerous Cans tanks, thanks.

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