Album Review: Crying – Get Olde

0 Posted by - 11/21/2013 - One Timer

This day doesn’t come often, but when it comes you have to savor it. You know what I’m talking about, right? Two of your favorite things (in this case, video games and pop music) combined into a mish-mash of delight that would put even the most cynical bastard to smiling. Crying released Get Olde at the end of August and somehow by the grace of the internet gods one of the tracks found it’s way into my inbox. Get Olde is seven quick, fun tracks that take me back to my first listen to Motion City Soundtrack when I was a wee lad and just venturing out into the wide world of music. Well, MCS, but without all the flowery manic-ness that comes along with it.

My gateway drug was “Bodega Run”, but I became fully addicted with “ES” and “Vacation”, the latter of which references a six letter enemy of the Sirens household and our general well-being. Listening to “Vacation” is what you do if you’re interested in leveling up in real life, while “ES” is a helping of reality from the perspective of most twenty-somethings in the second decade of this new millennium.

Opener “Open” is an 8-bit workout mix condensed into fifty eight seconds, complete with pulse pounding buildup and a subtle cooldown period. If you’ve been waiting all your life for a chiptunes anthem to listen to all too loudly while careening down an interstate, “Bloom” has your six. Ironically the song talks about the inability to drive a car, but it’s okay. Shhh. No more words, just digital bliss. “Rat Baby” deserves mention for its name if nothing else, but it also shares the distinction of pondering the quality of life at fifty one (ed. note: getting old is always preferable to the alternative).

“Olde World” is certainly one of the more interesting tracks on Get Olde, bringing in the fuzzy guitars and expressing Trainspotting style resignation to adult life as we know it.

Fifteen minutes of my time were spent listening to Crying and it was a pretty glorious quarter hour. Get Olde might not be the most groundbreaking thing you’ll discover this month, but it’s going to take a hell of a find to discover something that puts you in a much better mood. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna get out before it explodes.

Download Get Olde for free on Bandcamp, or alternatively you could pony up some dough. Either way, go there.

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