Album Review: Burnt Ones – Protection Circle 7″

0 Posted by - 08/20/2012 - One Timer

When you think about it, is it technically an album review if there are only two tracks? Maybe I should say “EP Review”? Either way, I figure this way people understand what I am getting at…and what I’m getting at is this band I recently discovered called Burnt Ones which has been absolutely dominating my playlists. They’ve had their own bit of notoriety from their first record, Black Teeth & Golden Tongues. I first encountered them via the Meet The Golden One 7″ which was released in March (love that gold vinyl) but today I’m bringing something a little more recent.

The band recently released a new 7″ on Fuzz City Records with “Protection Circle” and “Black Leather or Furs” as the A & B-sides respectively. “Protection Circle” pumps and bounces like you just showed up at the pep rally, or maybe it’s beat is the soundtrack to the comeback montage in a sports movie late in the fourth quarter. I know this sounds far from a ringing endorsement, but I am head over heels with this track. It could be the fact that it’s about a protection circle (which could be anything from a nerdy D&D reference to some kind of occult wanderings/wonderings)…whatever it is just know that I’m all in, Burnt Ones. This cut reeks of mindless fun, relentless hand clapping and a good time at any show.

On the flip we’ve got “Black Leather or Furs”. The riff is a bit more classic rock and if you couldn’t guess by the title, this one is a little tongue in cheek. Again you’ll find Burnt Ones have produced this pulsing kind of rhythm, this time led by a cascading guitar and drums but also backed by a smooth bassline that just hits right where it needs to be.

I’m not a big fan of black leather personally, and I don’t know that I have encountered real furs in my life – I will, however, heartily recommend this vinyl.

You can purchase and/or listen to all kinds of Burnt Ones madness on their bandcamp page, and find the band on Facebook.


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