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Buffalo Rodeo released their newest effort Home Videos at The Twisted Tap here in Bowling Green last night. Their sound is rock heavy, featuring reverb washed vocals and the added bonus of some beautiful male/female harmonies. You’ll hear a little synth too, which we can all get down with, right? They also like things like hitting grounders and playing volleyball.

How does it sound, you say? Well, the opener “Treehouse” was the song of the week here on Sirens a few weeks back. With infectious riffs and a hellacious set of breakdowns that are a touch of ska throwback, it’s easily one of the best tracks of 2013. The gorgeous sounding “Compass” features ringing guitars and a wonderful combination of Zach Preston & Jordan Reynolds’ vocals. Amid all that glorious noise there’s also a neat little sing-song melody designed to pull you under. Everything about the chorus is exquisite, from the leading ooh’s and aah’s to the emphatic delivery of percussion and rhythm backing the chorus itself. Plus, those handclaps!

“Remington” would be interesting even if it was a horrible song. Why that song title? Is it a Wild West reference, or just because the song appears very reminiscent of the past? These are the things I think about. The structure of “Remington” is more straightforward than the previous two songs. What makes this particular cut worth the admission price is their inclusion of the keys jamming down in an old school, rag-time style. Couple that with the soaring refrain and you’ve got a bang-up track. Then there’s “Holly”, which has this neat little 8-bit NES intro (a nice touch) and proceeds to jump solidly into the deep end of the rock waters with both feet. “Holly” is filled with longing, though to my ears it sounds oddly romantic in it’s own fashion.

When I first heard “The Child In Me” I was…surprised, to say the least. When you put it up against the sheer fun and recklessness of “Treehouse”, it’s a stark contrast. If I’ve learned nothing else from operating this blog, though, it’s that different is (almost always) better. Opening your eyes and ears to new things is what we’re all about.  “The Child In Me” is introspective and somber – it throws me back a few years to a time when all my tastes were much heavier than they are now. I really dig that. There’s these wonderfully crunchy (almost springy) riffs hammering your ears that provide ample opportunity for heads to bang and feet to leave the floor.

The closer of Home Videos is “My Window”. It’s also quite the heavy affair. There are catchier Buffalo Rodeo tracks on this EP, but for my money this cut features the strongest vocals from Preston. Something about “My Window” just sounds powerful – the rhythm simmers underneath, hinting at an explosion of sound being imminent. Unsurprisingly, there’s a massive unfurling of rhythm and guitar work from Gilbert, Duncan, and Davis that’s tucked neatly on the back-end. It really seemed like this jam session was coming all EP long – now, it’s quite clear why they chose to let it bubble up here.

You’ll be pretty pleased when you throw this thing on, particularly if you’re one of the folks who got their hands on it last night. I’ve been lucky enough to have the tracks for a bit now and I find myself gravitating to a different track each day. Sometimes it’s good to be a blogger. My favorite two tracks are “Treehouse” and “Compass”, but there’s not a dud to be had here.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: hometown grooves with heartstring vox

Purchase it on Bandcamp – stream a few tracks below…

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