Album Review: Ancient Times – Nightschool/Hieroglyphic 7″

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Commanding vocals are the best, don’t you think? I like putting on a track from an unheard of artist and their voice is just undeniable. Not meek, not soft (though those styles have their places), just in control and ready to deliver.

Brighton’s Ancient Times is the project of George Smale, a teenager with a curiosity for historical mythology and a hand on the pulse of whatever vein delivers enjoyable pop. Ancient Times is releasing his debut 7″ via Soft Power Records on September 16th, a double A-side effort featuring both “Hieroglyphic” and “Nightschool”. With his interesting topical material, Smale packs in six minutes plus of driving, post-punk influenced euphoria on the 7″ – just enough to whet your whistle and make you ask for more.

“Nightschool” would be at home embedded in a random movie soundtrack or on that playlist you keep of songs you know every word to. It’s incredibly accessible in the way that music hasn’t really been since I was a child; there’s no intimidating aspects, no feelings of repudiation at it’s irrationally captivating chorus – it’s simple and satisfying, which is something I cannot say enough for. Reading up on Ancient Times and listening, I gather that “Hieroglyphic” is a touch more in the direction we’re going as opposed to where we’ve been.

While “Hieroglyphic” maintains the same gratifying choral arrangement, there’s far more backbone contained in it’s two minutes. While just short of blistering, “Hieroglyphic” is that track you wait all set for to hear it played live – the kind of cut a crowd goes wild for because of it’s highs and lows. There’s nothing like a roller coaster for the anticipation and the payoff, and George Smale made certain that the pounding percussion of this track lets you know that the ride is just beginning.

Nightschool/Hieroglyphic 7″ will be limited to 250 vinyl copies. No pre-order link yet, but you can find Soft Power Records bandcamp page here.

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