Album Review: Aan – Mystery Life 7″

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mysterylifePortland’s Aan (pronounced “on” for those inquiring minds who were unsure – I may or may not have referred to them once as “an”) are set to release another 7″ on the wonderful Cool Summer Records. You may remember Aan from their singles “Haunted, Million Ways” and “I Don’t Need Love”, and if not now’s the time for a refresher.

Beginning with the words “I function much better in my mystery life…”, “Mystery Life” is a hypercharged ball of explosion that straddles the pop rock line acrobatically, with Bud Wilson again delivering his otherworldly yelp over a tightly strung background of dance-y rhythm and a sweet riff. I feel like we post some great music here on Sirens, but of all the actual indie bands we post I have to say Wilson’s vox have to be top three, if not the best and most interesting sounding that I’ve encountered in my time writing here. My wife, who is ambivalent about the majority of music found on Sirens of Decay, has even taken note of these vocals. The point is they are very ear-catching and excellent.

“Mystery Life” is side A of the 7″, which flips over for you to hear the much more muted “Spiritual Provisions”. You could consider this track a more straightforward affair, with fuzzy guitars and sing-song lyrics washing across the airwaves to lull you into a false sense of serenity. Aan aren’t done surprising, though. Beginning at the 1:25 mark to 1:35 you can hear an excellent build up to a new lead riding over the entirety of the track. At first I thought one could consider it a bit chaotic, but the cacophony of sounds actually adds a layer of spice to a track that could’ve easily faltered in the shadows of “Mystery Life”. As it stands, it provides a great one-two combo and does an excellent job showing a somewhat softer side for the Portland foursome.

FOUND MYSELF NODDING IN APPRECIATION WHEN…I realized we all function much better in our mystery lives with the Mystery Life 7″ playing on our i-Pads, Pods, Phones, and Tunes. You can nab this baby on the Aan bandcamp for $2 digitally, or $6 for a limited to 300 only run of vinyl.

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